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Not only there
Sorry Dan,
we named you David
Announcement of guitar winners of G1
There were finally 4 players at the show, who had started to write history of G1 as first brave players

Daniel Hudeček Martin Zlámal Alžběta Lorenzová Vojta Doubek
Daniel Hudeček
Martin Zlámal
Karlovy Vary
Alžběta Lorenzová
Vojta Doubek
Hýskov u Berouna

The winner of the fun price is
Daniel Hudeček
The winner of the main G price is
Martin Zlámal
Daniel Hudeček Martin Zlámal
All solos and a film from the complete action you´ll be able to see at upcoming video report that will be published on DVD of MUZIKUS magazine. Number and date will be announced soon. Before it happens just listen to the short live solo from the winner Martin Zlamal

Solo of Martin Zlamal

Thank to all players who had created great atmosphere.

Further thank to all bands for their great performace and chill-out mood. I should not forget Lucy, Otto, Illuminator and others who cared about good progress during whole show. It was not easy at all but inspite of all events it ended up exelently.

Furthermore players showed us real show. So next time we will call it show. You can vote for next time at inquiry by clicking Ano = Yes.

I am sure that these first players will give courage to others. Just be convinced by upcoming video report.
Poster and video invitation
Plakat G1
G1 rules and info download
Download G1 Kytarova soutěž G1
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