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Pavel Vrsecky
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About us
By our way we are connecting orchestral and gothic music with hard and metal music. We are using various sounds from rock and classical instruments very often used in classical music. Even we play like this we do not have directly specified style and we prefer free creativity. Our songs are not only calm and dark, they are also hard and fast with many elements, transitions and changes.
About Meditime
The origin of this word was pure lack. It was rather tone with great sound and easy pronunciation but in reality it meant nothing. I found it during one mindless singing. It was many years ago and maybe a record still exists. Nevertheless I liked it and finally I named by the word this music effort.

The word Meditime does not exist, you will not find it at any dictionary and in fact it was not possible to find it on the internet at recent times however you can derive its meaning easily. Just link two words together. Meditate and time and the meaning is clear. If someone looks for deeper sense then it is good to look to our lyrics.
This year was the beginning. Pavel Vrsecky had more free and moveable hands so he started to create songs and think about the project and its live form.

The first song What is after? was published on the internet with great success. It reached a higher position at the Metalforever hit parade and a winner position at the month hit parade on KVRM. Pavel is still looking for a drummer and a bass player but without evident success.

Next song Harbinger is released to the air. Pavel was called by drummer Miroslav Mindo, who had already owned a garage so they started to play together first songs. At the end of this year we had found last needed member of the band, bass player Radovan Herout from Nejdek and the band started to fully play.

This year was in the name of practicing and preparations for live performance. The premiere was in October at town Chodov and concerts in Plzen, Nejdek and Rajec followed. The band is obtaining positive and critical responses.

In May we are managing our first concert in Nova Role using our own equipment. The concert was successful, a lot of people and fine sound. Whole year was full of concerts and new created songs which we played step by step live. We are getting known each other better and obtaining more experience. In summer Radovan decided to leave our band and instead of him just two month later new bass player Petr Cejka is coming. Radovan is still helping us till his last concert in October in Nova Role and definitely is giving the post to Petr. For the rest of the year the band is closed at the garage and preparing for the next year.

We are trying one competition of bands in Plzen and preparing new songs. Pavel is starting our official website and organizes a concert with special guitar competition G1. It brings more difficult management but also interesting cooperation with media and other partners who were gladly interested to support this event. Just before G1 our drummer is leaving our band. Inspite of that the gig is saved by sampled drums. After that his place is quickly taken by my brother Petr Vrsecky and the band goes on.

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